Mermaid Sightings

Hello everyone! Have you seen a REAL mermaid? If you have, go to the 'Have You seen a mermaid?' page and enter your story into the box provided. If we think your sighting is real and good enough, it might appear here ;) So, if you have spotted a mermaid (Make sure it's not Hannah Fraser first, haha) we'd love to here your story :) Enjoy these stories! 

Mermaid sighted late 2004/early 2005 (Website editors story)

Well, i was roughly 5 or 6. I went to this beach (in Australia, when i was travelling Australia), the sand was not sand, it was made from shells. It hurt peoples feet, so you had to wear proper shoes. It had been raining that day and it was getting dark. Nobody swum at that beach, because of the shells, and, you know at beaches the water is shallow and then it gets deeper and deeper the farther you go in? Well, this beach was different, it kinda just went into a dropoff, it wasn't to deep though, u could still see the bottom, it may have been roughly 1 and a half metres deep, but the shallow bit only lasted a metre or two, then it went straight down, really deep. So, we were on the beach with roughly a dozen other people. I was the only kid there. The older people were looking at something else, a bird or something. I was bored, so i looked in the water, there, right before my eyes swam up a mermaid, she wasn't above the water, but u could see her clearly, the water was crystal clear. She had a green scaly tail and blonish brown hair (it WASN'T Hannah fraser, you could tell the tail was connected to the body) she was wearing a silver crown with a pearl on it. She kinda swam up and looked at me, smiled then swam away from us and back down the beach. I was gobsmacked. "Mum, dad! I just saw a mermaid!" I told my parents. "Sure, honey" smiled my mum, she didn't believe me. 

I thought later on, no wonder she was there, nobody swam there! It was the perfect mermaid territory!

True Story, By Chloe (MermaidTopaz)

So, that's my story, it's true! I'm not lying, im not a lier. I've always wanted to go back to that beach and see if i could find more mermaids, but i don't remember the name and nor do my parents :(