Become a mermaid spell

Use this spell to become a mermaid....
(Warning: Spell may not work for everyone)

What you'll need...
1. A braclet or necklace (to use as your charm)
2. A candle with a coloured ribbon around it (chose the colour ribbon that you want your tail to be)
3. Full moon
4. Bathroom (you'll need a sink and mirror)
5. Yourself

What to do...
1. In the day set up your stuff (Buy ribbon, or if you have some, use that. And find a candle)
2. This spell does not have to be done at midnight, it can be done simply when it's dark and the moon is up.
3. Go to your bathroom (make sure your bathroom has a mirror)
4. Make sure the bathroom is dark.
5. Light up the candle.
6. Put bracelt/necklace on.
7. Look at yourself in the mirror and say this spell

Mermaids of the sea,
I really do not want to plea,
But, forever i have wanted
to become a mermaid,
I beleive in mermaids and love them,
I will use my powers for good and not evil,
May I have a (The colour you want your tail to be) tail and have the (you may have the ice,heat or controlling water) power. In 24 hours i would like to become,
a mermaid of the sea.

8. After saying the spell, splash water on your legs from the sink

And the spell is done! In 24 hours when you touch water you should pop a tail! The spell may not for everyone, as it's best for you to make your own.

WARNING: When you have done the spell, your legs may feel knumb or you want your legs to stick together. But, when the 24 hours have past, it should go away. Enjoy your tail!